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my name is mandy

I have been authoring reflections from my recovery for the past year and a half

Writing them was a way to help reset my mind after 21 weeks of bed rest to help me heal. 


One day, I started to share them... 

And when I did, I noticed something — they helped heal others too.  


People started writing to me through my DMs and submissions on my website, in search of hope, optimism, and a simple light to carry them through dark moments .  I started an active practice—responding and writing quotable thoughts for people to use throughout their day.  Because of their responses, I knew this practice needed to be made accessible on a global scale.  


Today, all over the world, we are all healing from the same things that I once faced, (maybe not two unexpected spinal surgeries in one year), but the stuff that comes with it— immobility, isolation, a looming new normal, and a bit of the unknown.  Like so many of us, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how I can best show up for service during this time.  A few weeks ago, I stopped looking and started listening, to every one of you who shared your story with me.  


Days later, together with my team, The Daily Uplift was born. ­­


My hope with this project is that together, we can elevate the mindset and spirits of people around the world, and remind one another that...


"Against the enormity that brings us down, it's simplicity that lifts us up."

I'm so happy you're here.

mandy antoniacci
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