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Frequently asked questions

  • What if I don't really have a story, but still want to receieve The Daily Uplift?"
    No problem! You can share a topic like hope, strength, courage—any area where you feel you can use a little uplift. You can also share a time of day when you may need it most, such as morning motivation, mid-day inspiration, or evening peace. Obviously the more information we receive, the more personalized it will be to help you. This is your personal space to share whatever makes you feel most comfortable.
  • Will my story ever be shared with anyone?
    No. All entries are kept anonymous and will never be shared nor made public in any way.
  • What exactly do you share on social?
    I share the reflections I author in my social feeds @mandyantoniacci, using #thedailyuplift, along with your first name and location only. Your identity and personal story, the inspiration behind it, will be kept anonymous and never shared.
  • Why do you share a name and location with each quote?
    I do this to create a sense of unity around the world, and to reveal humanity behind the words to help others feel less alone in their struggle. Your identity and personal story, the inspiration behind it, will be kept anonymous and never shared.
  • Do I need to pay to receive The Daily Uplift?
    No. Receiving The Daily Uplift is absolutely free. I founded this as a way to show up for service during a time when the world needs it most. My hope with this project is that together, we can shed a little light, hope, and optimism, and uplift the mindset and spirits of people around the world.
  • How can I follow The Daily Uplift ongoing?
    You can follow me @mandyantoniacci, where I share each reflection I write, and by following #thedailyuplift.
  • Where can I read more of Mandy Antoniacci's writing and work?
    My debut book, Uplifted: The Life-Changing Power Of Perspective, will be released in 2022, and published by BenBella Books and Amazon's Audible. For updates on my book, ongoing media, sign up on
  • How can I support The Daily Uplift?
    Thank you for asking! Right now you can support this project by participating, sharing, and telling friends who you feel need it. We will soon be releasing other products that I can't wait to tell you about. Any direct partnership opps can be sent to



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